KSL’s Semeraro settles another substantial personal injury case for the third month in a row.

KSL Partner Mark Semeraro recently settled another substantial personal injury case for $342,000.00. The client was a woman who had fallen in a poorly lit ice covered parking lot of a diner in Morris County.

In the evening of February 21, 2014, Tammy Piazza, a corporate executive, was walking to her car from a diner in Morris County. While crossing the sloped and dimly lit parking lot, she slipped and violently fell on a sheet of black ice, which had formed from melted snow that was negligently stockpiled uphill from the parking space area.

As a result of her fall, she split her patella (knee cap) in half. She required emergency open reduction internal fixation surgery that installed surgical hardware to reattach the pieces of her shattered bones. Following the surgery, Ms. Piazza underwent over 6 months of rehabilitation therapy. With the help of orthopedic and neurological experts, Semeraro successfully negotiated a settlement of $342,000.00. Ms. Piazza is recovering and hopes to return to a full and active lifestyle.

If you or someone you know sustained serious personal injuries due to the suspected negligence of a third party, please contact Mark Semeraro for a free consultation

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