another substantial personal injury settlement

Press Release – Semeraro successfully represents six employees in a Fair Labor Standards Act/New Jersey Wage and Hour Law claim against contractor for $750,000. Semeraro recently represented six different employees working for a contractor who engaged in public entity construction, which required prevailing wages be paid.  It was alleged that the contractor underpaid his employees both below the prevailing wage standardand failed to pay overtime hours by failing to account for travel time to and from construction sites, when the employees loaded the truck at the employers contractor’s yard.. 

The name of the employees and employer must be kept confidential pursuant to the confidential settlement agreement. However, the matter was amicably resolved without filing litigation.

If you or someone you know, has not been paid and conformance with the law because they were scheduled to be paid prevailing wage, worked overtime, or had their tips inadequately allocated to them in the service industry, please feel free to contact Mark Semeraro.

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